In my short journey through life thus far, I have learned one very important lesson; music is a universal language. Throughout the Glass Ear recordings, you will travel a great deal with the artist who created each song. Each journey that you take will not always be an easy one. A few of the songs come from painful memories and shortcomings that have occurred throughout our lives. But this journey will also be your journey too... You see, we all experience the same emotions, the same ups and downs. Karl has laid down his interpretations of his pain that we actually all can associate with. Many of these songs that were written helped with the healing process that we all learn from. Karl has also laid down his interpretations of happiness and the recovery that leads us there. When Frank and I entered the scene, Karl already had a vision of what was to come. It wasn't hard for us to associate and interpret the obvious. There is no question, once you hear the music, what emotion is being played upon. Each artist was allowed his/her own creative input. Definitely, it was a learning experience for me, as I am so very new to this game of life. But the "guys" brought me in with full faith that I would accumulate the knowledge that they put in my hands... and I ran with it. In every song, Karl, Frank, Rich and I delved deep into our souls to create this collection of pure emotions. The journey is deep within us all. Feel the flow of emotion as each song pulls you in and does not let you go until the final note has ended. From the first song, "Trouble Lately", to the last, "Everything Is One", you will experience the ride of your life simply through the sounds the heart can make when put to music.

Lisa McCuiston

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