Everything happens for a reason...

All of us experience pain, suffering and joy in life. We seem to be more aware of the pain than releasing it to find the joy. No matter how devastatingly tragic an event seems - no matter the magnitude of the suffering, there is a reason. There must be a balance of darkness and light. The universe is joined together within each of us - within our souls to make us one. Everything Is One. We do not experience our pain alone. We go through it together, however separate from the world it seems to be.

Love has to come from inside us - from our souls to receive universal love in return. If I smile at you, you can't help yourself but to smile back. Anything less is fear and pain from inside. This pain releases poison into the universe and has disastrous results. We forget what is important. We forget what we really need. We spend our lives and ultimately die inside searching for what we do not need. The human body requires little to survive. The mind and soul require what is imperative to sustain life - Love, Light, Peace and Dreams.

The music of Glass Ear is a message of Love, Light, ...and Pain. It is rich with the sharing of hope and a universal joining of the mind. It is a form of expression created to remind us of the importance of a seemingly lost art - COMMUNICATION. We must learn and understand the need to communicate to one another or we will surely be lost. We all have a journey to embark upon. This journey is taken not alone, but together within ourselves. The universe is as one...EVERYTHING IS ONE.

Please journey into Glass Ear and...peace!

Karl Mirabella

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