The Coolest Websites EVER

(And this ain't opinion)



My bass player Victor (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Monks Of Doom) turned me onto this site. Once you get on there, click on SHED 04 for some really outrageous playing and lessons from some talented muthafunka's. Mainly from the Bay area. Something in the water, maybe? Perhaps more than the Led Zeppelin DVD, this makes me wanna quit the business and sell my drums.


Ishkurs Guide To Electronic Music

Not really sure what to say about this; my dear friend Chris Toland, (a Discovery Channel jingle writer), turned me onto this over a cup of good coffee at his studio today. He showed me a Dish Network advert he did the music for, which made me chuckle, then he showed me this site, which made my jaw drop open. Somebody has a LOT of time on their hands...



Wanna buy the most amazing rock and roll collectibles available ANYWHERE? Beatles, Stones, Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voorman... Do you recognize these names? Go look at this website. Many signed and numbered, limited edition rarities. My current favorite... Rolling Stones Tour '75 ... If you decide to drop the big bucks on some of these irresistible items, please tell 'em Frank sent you.


Wolfgang's Vault (Concert Vault)

This site has TONS of free, streaming concerts... And a reasonably priced download collection as well. Alphabetically speaking, it's got everybody from .38 Special to ZZ Top. Give 'em your email address and get alerts when new concerts are added. Enjoy!